ACOUSTIC WESTON - April 26th, at 7:30pm at the Weston Grange


You may already know about ACOUSTIC WESTON, a program for our high school musicians and our community, founded by Westonite Sue Broudy (inspired by a similar program called Acoustic Wilton, which in turn was started by musician Scott Weber of Wilton.) Its mission and concept is designed for students who are musically inclined and want the opportunity to learn, play and perform – acoustically – with professionals outside of the school’s structured programs. The best part is, as they continue to work regularly on their craft, the proceeds from performance ticket sales will go back into the community to support WestonArts.org, the volunteer non-profit organization that, since 2005, has developed and promoted the arts in Weston. They have tirelessly raised funds for many programs, scholarships, instruments and music instruction that aren’t covered by the school budget.


ACOUSTIC WESTON is in its third season, producing 2 concerts a year. They had their first concert, along with Weston’s own Chris Coogan and his quintet, in 2011. Three of our high school students participated, and they were fantastic! This season we have 8 students participating. Sue has aligned herself with musicians Chris Coogan and Larry Edoff, also of Weston, to produce a spring concert and it will feature ACOUSTIC WESTON students, and include other professional Westonite performers as well.


Having raised and seen four children out the door into their own lives, Sue who has always incorporated music into her life (she just released a CD in March) now has time to give back to the community that served her well for so many years. “I was influenced by alternative music as a teenager but didn’t quite fit into the band or orchestra mold” she said. She added that “providing a place where our Weston students can express themselves creatively and learn performing skills will hopefully keep music alive in their lives forever… inviting local professionals to participate keeps the bar high and demonstrates to the students what a lifetime of making music can look and sound like!”.


Join us on Saturday evening, April 26th at 7:30pm at the Weston Grange at 12 Goodhill Road for a concert featuring ACOUSTIC WESTON students and some of Weston’s very own singers, songwriters and professional performers. Come relax, say hello to your neighbors, and enjoy an evening of good music and fun. Refreshments will be served.
Tickets at the door: Adults $15, Students and Seniors $10.

For more information, contact Sue Broudy.

WestonArts, a community volunteer organization whose mission is to promote the arts in Weston, has much to be grateful for during the 2013 holiday season.  We would like to thank all our donors for their generous donations throughout the past 7 years. We have created community arts celebrations, provided artistic opportunities for our youngest residents through needs based grants and scholarships and we were a driving force during the high school auditorium renovation project.

To help us achieve our mission of promoting the arts throughout the community of Weston in 2014, please donate now!  We are grateful for all contributions, no matter how large or small.

WestonArts formed in June 2005 as a volunteer organization whose mission is to raise funds to promote and develop the arts in Weston. There are currently more than 100 members.

The Weston School District has been the recipient of numerous grants and donations from WestonArts.  WestonArts has raised funds for instrument storage units, sheet music storage units, community concerts, Weston Commission for the Arts, and several Weston School District teacher grants.  One of it’s proudest achievements is the $300,000 Weston High School Auditorium Seat Campaign which was conducted in support of the Weston High School Auditorium renovation project, which successfully concluded in April 2008 and resulted in a refurbished auditorium for the high school which opened in Fall 2009.    WestonArts funded a new printing press for the Middle School which the Weston Forum reviewed, as well as a new sound system for the auditorium which was installed during the summer of 2010. An award of $2500 went to the Westport Youth Film Festival to help support 2011 WYFF programming and production expenses when it showcased students films from all over the world.  In 2012, WestonArts provided the preliminary funding for a new lighting system for the High School auditorium.

WestonArts has also raised funds for scholarships, needs-based arts education grants for qualified Weston school children, equipment for the schools’ arts departments, and arts workshops for the enrichment of the entire Weston community.

WestonArts has formed an alliance with Acoustic Weston, modeled on a similar program that is enjoying great success in Wilton.  This initiative, founded in the spring of 2011 by Westonite Sue Broudy, pairs young musicians in the community with Acoustic Weston mentors to collaborate and concentrate on the intimacy and artistry of the acoustic music experience.  Going into its second year, participation in this program is free, and is available through audition.  High school students (grades 9-12 only) who are interested in auditioning may sign up by contacting Sue by phone at 203-856-9891203-856-9891 or by email at info@westonarts.org.

To inquire about joining our efforts, making a donation or learning more about initiatives planned for the upcoming year, please send an e-mail.